Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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This may be the most eventful week yet!!

I am sorry I don't answer all your questions mom. I really do try to It is just in between telling stories and answering questions I use up all my email time. 

Ok so ill start off with stories this week

Zone conference was last week. Tons of training and President Kelly talked to us. I finally got to meet all the elders in my zone. I have a pretty awesome zone. Other than training we didn't do anything to special for zone conference. For christmas the both the Italy missions got Firenze ties. My first Italian silk tie (other than the ones sean gave me).

 The Branch President and his wife are back from Australlia now. This is the first time I have meet them because they have been gone for 2 months. President casti is the father of the guy that sent that picture of me to Emilia. This week more than ever I understand why grandpa was the way he was. Because he was raised by a family from southern Italy. Everyone here reminds me of him in some way. 

Italians love food more than anything else. Whenever we have lunch with a member they make an un earthly amount of food that they expect us to eat. I am happy to do it to because it is the best food in the world. Sorella Casti made this carbonara for us and I cant even describe how amazing it was. All the food here just blows my mind. 

Finding new people here to teach is really hard. We are always out on the streets doing finding. There is an english course student that whenever he sees us on the streets he asks me to teach him how to read music and play the piano. I have started bribing him. I told him "I will teach you piano if you take the missionary lessons." He just laughed and said "maybe". Which means no, but that just means I don't have to learn to teach piano in Italian. 

We had another ward party, but this time it was a Christmas concerto. There are two men in the ward that can sing really well and they wanted my to play piano with them. We preformed angels we have heard on high. Then they sang O sole mio. The best part about O sole mio is there was a concert pianist at the party and she played a rendition of it that she made up on the spot. Then she went on to play some of the craziest songs I have ever heard. I will try to send videos, but I don't know if I can through this email. 

Last story of the week. We were teaching a man named Luca. He lives in the D'oumo of the city. He told us he needed us to go with him to his house to talk to someone. He took us in to talk to Nuns. We needed to ask them if we could teach Luca. I pretty sure they said it was okay. They spoke really fast Italian. We just sat and talked for a little while after that. I wonder how many missionaries can say they have chilled with Nuns on their mission. I am going to try and get a picture next time we go over there. 
Anziano Faggioli

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coloumn marks end of the Via Appia  Anziano Faggioli

I make this apron look Gooooood.

And I cook too.


Guess who is getting in the water next week!! This guy!! Our investigator elvis is getting baptised next saturday. His name isn't really Elvis that is just what he told us to call him when we met him. His real name is owea. He is all ready and is coming to church. I will get some good pictures at the baptism. 

Anyways ramdom Italians are so awesome. We were hanging out in the palaza calling our investigators and this man named Orlando come up to us. He stops and talks to us all the time, but this time was weird because he said "I have something really important for you" he then took a piece of paper and a pen from me. Then he continued to write the 10 commandments in Italian and gave it to me and said " for cultures sake you need to know these." Me and Anziano Harris were like "speaking of culture do you have this book." We tried to give him a book of mormon but he didn't want it. 

The branch party went really well. We made eggs and pancakes and biscuts. It was really weird for the Italians. They didn't like that we eat everything off the same plate. They were like you need to separate it all. The next day we did some casa a casa and found a new investigator. Her name is Franca and my friends will love this. She let us in to talk after her Pomeranian basically attacked us. We are going to try and see her on friday. There are so many little things that she is prepared in for the gospel. The africans have alot of dreams that help them prepare to be baptised. One of our investigators had a dream that an american man came to him and told him he needed to stop smoking. He hasn't smoked for two weeks. 

I gave a talk in church this last sunday. I talked about faith in jesus Christ and shared some scriptures from the B.o.M. I talked fro 10 straight minutes in Italian. There is a family in our ward from Idaho. They are going back to america for christmas and asked if there is anything I wanted from america. I told them I wanted one of those big bags of Cereal. Hopefully they don't forget cause the breakfast here sucks. 

It is getting really cold here. The cold is different here. The cold in Utah is so much better because you can wear a jacket and be warm. Here if you are going to be cold no matter what. The humidity just makes it that way. I will have to buy a scarf and gloves after christmas is over. 

We had a crazy guy come up to us on the streets the other day. He was Italian, but spoke perfect english. Well the grammer was perfect, but it was all nonsense. Nothing made any sense and there were tons of swear words. We tried to walk away, but he walked with us for 10 minutes. All I know about him is that he listens to tupac and eminem. 

Also english class is turning out to be really sucsessful. There was a woman that kept saying " they have something different, we have it but they have alot more of it than anyone else." She asked us for a book of mormon and is now reading it and says she will come to church sunday. Things are really going well here. 

Love you all
Anziano Faggioli

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Alright buckle down a lot happened this week.
The day after p-day last week we had english course. I teach in the advanced and just have conversations with the people there. So this week they wanted to talk about slang. So I taught them all of the California slang like Chill, bra, and dude. So after that we gave our spiritual thought on baptism. We explained how it is done and what it means. We didn't think to much of it after we gave it. We always prepare for our thoughts and give good ones, but up till now it hasn't done much but teach people about what we believe. So everyone was leaving, but one guy stayed behind and said "could I be baptised" I was just sort of baffled. I thought I had missunderstood his Italian at first. We told him that he could absolutly be baptised. We will begin to teach him this week. We also saw  another one of our potential investigators to meet with him for the first time. After we talked to him about baptism and recieving the holy ghost he said "I have been looking for a way to have the Holy Ghost in my life my entire life". Needless to say I am really excited about the next couple of weeks.

Church is freaking awesome. I can understand most of what the members are saying to me now. There is one that is learning to speak english and he learns the weirdest things to say to me in english. I was playing prelude music for church and he comes up behind me and hugs me then says. "Hello how are your" I responded how I normally would when a man hugs me from behind. " Pretty good" then he says "we are friends right?" me "yeah of course" he continues "only for today" I respond "heck no" then he says "of course forever." The ward members here have so much character. I was talking to another one of the members after church and she asked me if I had a girl waiting for me. I told her no then she started telling me that I need to go find a nice Italian girl to take home. I don't think she knows the story of Sean and Emilia. On fast sunday the members normally try to feed the missionaries so we went over to a families home. That meal was the best meal I have ever had in my life. They made some amazing lasagna and a bunch of other things. There was so much food, I thought I was going to die. 

We have people stop us while we are tracting all the time. One guy stopped us and told us we need to give him a job. He went on for 10 mins. We kept trying to tell him we are missionaries and we can't give him a job, but he was convinced by our suits that we were business men. There is also a beggar that knows the missionaries. He doesn't know them very well because he has learned how to say in english "I am being crazy for one cigarette" I don't think he ever got the lessons because he is always supprised when we say we don't have any. 

We gathered olives again this week. It went the same as last week so I won't go into details. One last story. We went to a refugee camp to teach some lessons the other night. The person we were looking for wasn't there yet so we started talking to another guy. He took us to his room then dissapeared for like 10 mins. He came back with 2 huge plates full of food. I am one of the few missionaries that can say they have eaten on the U.Ns dollar. 

I am really excited about this week. We have started putting up geneologly publicity in hopes to attract new investigators. I am glad weston is trying to send me a card I need to get his address so I can write him. 

tell Chad he is allowed to email me. The mission president allows it. I am able to keep in touch with Conner and Taylor over email, but Peter needs to write because his mission pres doesn't allow it.