Friday, November 30, 2012

Nov. 28, 2012
That is so crazy all the mission calls coming. Do I know this anziano Jameson? And who in the ward got their call? I didn't get anything mail about someone from the ward. Maybe give it another week and I will get something. I think it stinks that you can't send anything as well. Everything is pretty messed up here as far as public services go. Yes I can get pictures to my email. I'm very glad to hear things are going well at home for everyone.
Alright on to my week here in Italy.
This week was pretty sweet. We picked up two new investigators this week. Both of them from nigeria. We also started to visit some less active/part member families to see if we can start doing some work with them. So far I haven't taught any lessons in Italian. I have talked alot in Italian, but not really taught any lessons. I am still struggling to understand what people are saying. My last name right now is sort of a curse. I can understand when people talk slowly to me, but because my name is Faggioli they have no mercy. People here love to talk really fast. They talk as fast as they can when ever they can so when they see that I look Italian and see my last name the just assume that I can keep up with them. Hopefully in a couple more transfers I will be able to. 
I was reading from the Book of Mormon in Italian up to about page 50, but I stopped for now because Isaiah is hard to understand in english. So i decided that I am going to finish it in english again before I continue to read in Italian. I am in Helaman right now so it wont be long. I have been having alot of pizza this week. There is a really good pizzaria right next to our house. I have also been eating alot of gelato. And sean is going to hate me for this, but I have lost like 5 pounds this week because I can actually walk and run here. The MTC was terrible for my health. 
This week we had service to do. We did the coolest thing. We helped gather olives! I can't think of a more Italian experiance. I took alot of pictures of the trees and the olives. The entire time I was gathering I was thinking about how sybolic it is. In the chapters of Jacob there is a parable about an olive vineyard. The parable is about the gathering of Israel. How cool is it that two missionaries get to go gather olives and then with the rest of the day they get to go gather Israel. English course was great yesterday. It always starts off by the students telling me how Italian I look. At the end we always have a spiritual thought and I explained how we get our calls and our purpose as missionaries. The best part was the end when someone said "ho capito" which means I understand. 
Thanks for all the updates.
Anziano Faggioli

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jesse gave an incomplete address, here is the corrected address:
Anziano Jesse Faggioli
Via Trento 74
Brindisi 72100 Italia

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

P.S.  Tell everyone in the ward that I am doing well and am really happy. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Look who was seen on his 1st Sunday in Brindisi,

Nov. 18, 2012

Don't have all the details yet, but this 
picture of Anziano Faggioli was sent 
via fb to his sister in law today. 
We had been wondering all day how his 
first Sunday in Brindisi went.
We think he looks GREAT!
Photo: Guarda qui.....ahahahah

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov. 14, 2012
So my first city is Brindisi! Way south on the bottom of the heel. Don't know what else to say right now other than I am really excited. You will hear from me in about a week. P-day is on wednesday. I will try to have some adventures this week to write about. Vi voglio tanto bene. 

Nov.13, 2012
So I am in Rome now! I haven't figured out where I am going yet, but I'll let you know tomorrow. And they said absolutely do not send packages because I will get charged 50 euro if (big if) it gets here. Love you,
Anziano Faggioli

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mamma Mia!! I have less than a week until I will be talking to real Italians. I can't believe how fast this is going by. My flight is on tuesday. It is going to be 24 hours long including layovers. I'll be packing most of my stuff today so that I don't end up having to stay up late Monday night. I'm a little bit nervous because I don't speak nearly enough Italian. I'm sure the Italian people will be helpful to my learning. This week was pretty uneventful aside from getting our flight plans. I got released from being a district leader on sunday. No more meetings at the MTC for me.  One of my teachers and I  made guesses on where I will serve first. I guessed Sardegna and he guessed an area below Perugia. Really exciting to see. Those blog posts you send me about Taylors and Peters missions are so crazy. Taylor sounds like he is having a real adventure. Fleas would      , hopefully I have a clean bed in Italy. And Peter is getting his first baptism! Have you heard if Ben Wright has gotten his mission call yet? Maybe you could check his facebook wall and see if he put anything up. Could you find out Peters mission address for me, I want to send him a letter once I arrive in Italy. I've sent Ashton and Shun letters since I got here. They probably wont have time to write back before I leave the MTC.There was a television crew that came, but they didn't really interview anyone they just took some shoots of the other district studying.