Monday, October 21, 2013

L'Aquila 10-20-13

I love L'aquila!! This place looks so much like Park City. I can't tell you how much I feel right at home here. The mountains are in every direction. I thought I saw Mt Timpanogos outside the window my first morning. I love this place. I've been in the pretty big cities up until now without much nature, but here is just like living in the Provo canyon with a few cool castles and churches. L'Aquila was destroyed by an earthquake about 10 years ago, but now most of the houses have been rebuilt. The only place they haven't made any progress on is the center of town. People are really upset about it, but they have their lives still. They are still working on fixing it up and there is a lot to do.

I haven't met many of the investigators yet. There is one __year old ____getting ready to be baptised. ____ is really good friends with a family here in the branch. ______knows everything already and wants to be baptised, we just need to set a date with ____.  All the members are really cool. They all know where Civitella is and are excited to have an Abruzzese missionary.
So maybe for some p-day I'll go out and find some family names in the state archive. 

We do some service in a ---------------soup kitchen. We meet a lot of really charitable people doing this. People that volunteer there are all smiles. Eventually we will teach some of them. Little by little the show more interest in the church. 

There is a big university here in L'Aquila so there are a lot of 20-26 year olds running around. My first day here we get off the bus and these two girls come running up to us and say, "are you guys Italian" we talked to them for a bit, but evetually we had to explain that we are missionaries and we aren't here to date. 

I'm not sure what p-days are going to be like here. Most likely a lot of hiking, which I am more than okay with. I've seen enough castles and churches I would like to do some outdoorsy stuff. 

Anziano Faggioli

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Transfer Oct. 14, 2013

Anziano Faggioli has been transferred to L'Aquila. It is more central Italy but further north than
Caserta, and Brindisi where he began a year ago. He might even get to wear his coat this winter. He was going to Rome on Wednesday and on to L'Aquila. We are anxiously waiting for Monday when we will hear more about the new city.   Will post more as we hear more.