Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This week was pretty good. I have some pics to send, but I'm in an Internet cafè this week so..
Anyways I got my greenie this week and he is really cool. His mom is from Milan and he already speaks a ton of Italian. We have been out teaching and talking to people a ton. It's alot of fun having 4 elders in the apartment. 

Not much really to talk about this week.  We had to split up the work a bit with the 2 groups of elders. We have to do some more finding, but we are having success. We got 2 phone numbers this week of people we could possible teach. 

I ended up playing the piano for church last week because the family that normally plays is out of town for the summer. I get to practice again!   Again I'm super busy during church because I do all the translating and now I am the pianist again. Hopefully pres. doesn't want me to give another talk for a while. 

The summer is way to hot here. It's about 85 degrees with 80% humidity. I sweat all day and I don't even care anymore. Everyone sweats like this so I'm not out of the norm. Just don't expecty me to bring any of my white shirts home. I need to remember not to complain about the heat. Pete, Taylor and Conner have it way worse than I do. And I could be in Malta just getting burnt to a crisp. 

Pres and Sis Kelly came to Caserta for church last week to do some temple recommend interviews. Sis Kelly told me she had talked to you about their homecoming. That will be cool that you guys get to meet (maybe) them. They are really awesome and we are all really sad they are leaving this transfer. 

Anziano Faggioli

Sunday, June 16, 2013

9 months today

June 12, 2013
You are absolutely going to love this letter mom! I got called into the primary this week to translate for the Italian little kids. Their teacher didn't show up to teach them so they threw a lesson on me last minute. I feel like I can relate to you so much more after teaching one primary class. They were so hard to control. I'm sure I would have been alot better off in English. They were all pretty good until one of them got out of control then they all basically followed her. They entire time I couldn't stop thinking "oh man my mom is going to love reading about this!" 

We got transfer calls last Saturday and I will be getting a greenie on Thursday. I still don't know who it is. I'll know tomorrow and you will all hear about it next week. Anziano Burton is staying in the house to and will get a comp that is a little bit younger than him. It's going to be way fun having 4 missionaries in a house together. 

I'm getting ready to send 2 packages home. I'll send you a little inventory list before I send them out so you know what to do with them. It will probably be next month when I send them. With the Ipod music just try to find as much classical piano music as you can (debussy, copin, ect), i don't know if its avalible for purchase but the come thou fount cover by mumford and sons, and hymn arrangements for the piano. 

Investigators keep suprising me here. One day they say they will never quit smoking and the next day they have cut in half their normal amount. One day they just start reading the Book of Mormon after years of talking with the missionaries. It's crazy how good the work is here in Caserta. We are going to keep it going good. 

We are getting on the wall at the local pizzaria. They started taking pictures with us and want us to develop them and bring them back. Next time the guy that works behind the counter making the pizza is going to let me actually make the pizza! I'll get pictures of that to send home to you. 

There is a new American family in the ward that has family from abbruzzo. They have been doing alot of family history work since they got here. They are having quite a bit of success. 

Thats all for this week. 

Love anziano Faggioli