Monday, March 31, 2014

Jesse update 3-31-14

Jesse announced this morning that he will be  staying in L'Aquila  with Anziano Padilla for this transfer. He is very Happy about this because they get along so well, and they have so much going on that he was reluctant to leave the people they are working with.  He was off to Civitella Del Tronto (the city his grandparents came from for P-day)   I hope we have some pictures to share with you all soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 10, 2014 L'Aquila



What... no email this week?

This week was a good week. We had some members come to English course and meet a new family that just started coming. It was perfect because we were teaching about family night so they invited them to come have a family night at their house. This member family had just expressed to us that they had lost faith in the city. That it would ever grow, but last night they were really excited about missionary work and rekindled that faith a bit. 

We had a Zone leader Scambio this week. I got to be companions with Anziano Pizza for a day. People made some many pizza jokes. I thought Faggioli was bad.... Anziano W. came too. I remember being in his district when he started the mission. It was great to see him again. 

Not too much else happened this week. The relief society( I don't know how to spell that word anymore) had an activity with ____ mom and______ mom on Saturday. We weren't invited because it was for womans day. So we just made a cheesecake and left it in the church for them. They loved it and were attacking me for the recipe at church yesterday. They were like "I want to make it for my kids!!" then they were mad that I put butter in the crust. They told me it'll make me fat and I should use olive oil instead. 

That family history you sent me came in handy. I had to give a talk on Pionieri in chruch yesterday. It took up like have the time to tell the story in Italian. Haha and the members loved the talk. It was the first time the complimented my talk. So thank you for that. I also talked a little bit about Grandpa Faggioli being the only member of his Italian family to join the church and how he was one of the pioneers that allowed me to be born in the gospel. I told them that they are doing the same for their posterity as what my ancestors are doing for me. A good 80 percent of the branch are first gen. converts. 

Other than that....L'Aquila got really really cold again. I thought summer was starting, but I guess not. I'm already excited for the mothers day call. I know it's like 2 months away,but I'm excited anyways. 

I'm starting to speak as much Italian as I can in my last 6 months. I'm speaking it a lot more on the streets with Anziano Padilla and other missionaries. 

Love you.
Jesse visiting the city his Great Grandparents came from.

Ruins in L'Aquila

Jesse atop ruins in L'Aquila


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feb. conference in Rome

Borrowed from the mission blog. conference in Rome.   Where's Jesse.  Hint third in from left .