Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oct. 25, 2012

Boun Giorno
Where to start this week... For the devotional this week Elder Echo Hawk came to speak. It was a really good talk and I learned alot. It was really cool for Anziano Locklear because he is Native American and he got to meet him. We just had an entire week of only Italian speaking. I think I did pretty well even though I spoke tons of english during gym and such. My companion and I are getting along really well. We are talking a lot more than we were a few weeks ago. The new Anziani got here yesterday. One of them is from Melbourne. I bet you'll never guess who he knows! His name is Anziano Murphy. He got really excited when he figured out I knew the Tucci family. He said he is really close to them and they are in his ward. He has been telling me all about the bush, kangaroos and the Native Australians. I want to go so badly after the mission. The subject of Turtle neck sweaters came up this week so I told the elders in my district about Turtlenog. There will be 10 more people at the next held turtlenog. There is only one native Italian speaker here and he is going to Romania. I feel like the language is coming okay. It will be really funny when I get to Italy and only speak gospel Italian. I hope dad is getting better. I keep him in my prayers. I received some pictures from Uncle Vince and Aunt Karen of us in front of the temple and some with the Camaro. Have you gotten any of those pictures printed?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

#4.   Oct.11,2012

Boun Giorno 

This was the best week in the MTC so far. Not only was there conference on Saturday and Sunday, but Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke at the Tuesday fireside as well. I couldn't believe it when he walked in. Everyone stood up and the spirit filled the room until it was almost bursting. He talked about how he personally studies the talks of general conference. Such and eventful week! I cant believe the changes they made in the mission program. That completely caught me off guard. I was in the MTC when church history was made. I don't even know how long the mission age has been 19 for the boys. Do you know of anyone who is planning on going now? They are changing the MTC programs up next year for the influx of missionaries they are expecting. The stateside elders are going to start staying for 2 weeks and the foreign missionaries stay for 6 weeks. I would be leaving in 2 weeks instead of 5. I'm glad I am staying for the full 9 weeks though. I am no where near ready to preach the gospel in Italian. I don't know if you got my letter yet, but there is an Italian missionary here at the MTC. He is going to Romania and does not know how to speak English. It has been so much fun seeing how much I have learned, but at the same time shows me how little I know. His name is Elder criscenti. He is from Milan, but he was born in Sicily. I have learned to roll my r's very well. I try and roll them on every word that has an r. My teacher said that it is much better to over roll your R's than to not be able to do it. Congrats to Dad for finishing the Maratona. With a really good time too. I have no idea who will be going now with the news. You will have to keep me informed with that somehow. I'm really happy Pete is doing good in the pinas so far. That sucks about his toe but I bet he will get better really fast. Taylor sounds like he is having the adventure of a lifetime! I can't wait till I have sweet stories like they do to send home. The MTC is the same almost everyday so it isn't that much fun to write about. My departure date is expected to be november 14 as of right now.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oct. 4,2012 letter home

Translated from Italian to English

Good day!  I am not bad.  The MTC is okay.  My companion is fine.  I have pictures of the district and the trip to the temple.  I will send the pictures in my next e-mail.  How come you did not translate my last letter?  I am not the same in English and Italian.  Dad can translate for you.  I like to teach.  Have you ridden my motorcycle?

Received in English

How come you didn't have Dad translate the last email? I know some words were way wrong and the grammer was terrible, but he should be able to understand. I did wish Dad a happy birthday and good luck with the marathon. Happy birthday mom! how did you enjoy it? Are you guys excited for General conference? I am really stoked. This is going to be the coolest part of the MTC. All the talks are going to take a new light while I am focusing on becoming a better teacher and trying to feel the spirit. Have you taken the Camaro out lately? The district is getting along just fine. Except for when  we all play basketball together. There are two elders that get angry with each other every time they play against each other. That is the only problem so far. I got made a district leader this week. My duties include going to meetings twice a week, approving companion exchanges, and getting mail for the district. I'm really excited that dad is able to run this week! I hope he does well I have remembered him in my prayers every night. Let me know how he does. We are trying to have Italian only days here and for the most part it goes really well. All the older Anziani and Sorelle left on tuesday so it got really quiet around here. Now I am the only person around here that knows the Johnstons. The days are blending together now, it seems like only yesterday that you dropped me off here. It's crazy  being in the same room for 6+ hours a day, but I guess thats the way things have to be done here. I found the note you left for me in my scriptures the other day. It is down to 16 missionaries here. The Robbins cousin already left cause she already spoke Italian. There are 5 sisters in our zone.