Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our investigator getting ready for baptism is taking off to England in August. He told us he has been looking up churches where he is going so he is going to go to sacrament meeting while he is gone. He has been struggling to quit smoking lately. He just wants to get an answer before he quits smoking. We talked about how quitting will help him receive an answer. We will see how it goes with him. Either he needs to quit smoking soon or he won't be ready for his baptism. We'll see how it all goes next transfer. 

We went to a carnevale in one of the little cities with a couple of our investigators. That was to coolest thing I have ever seen. There were all the cool Venetian masks and huge costumes in a huge parade. I really wished I had my camera there. I couldn't get any really clear pictures with the one here, but I made due. I never thought that I would be able to see something like that in Italy. I always thought that it was a south american thing. 

The branch celebrated Pioneer day at the American base. It was alot of fun. We just ate a bunch of American food and talked to all the families. There wasn't time to tell the Mortensen  story during the activity. 

Transfers are tomorrow and Anziano Burton is going to train. We are all really excited to be done with the triple companionship. There will be 4 people in the house again.

We walked through the Reggia again today. This time we did it with bikes. While we were renting the bikes we ran into a couple from salt lake city. They were really excited to see us. We talked for a little bit, but we need to get going so we could see everything and have enough time for email today.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jesse 7-3-13

So I just barely got off of some sketchy street in Napoli surrounded by fake Ray Bans and Gucci belts after eating a nice Napoli pizza. You asked the question if I am still in love with Napoli. The answer with out second thoughts is yes. I hope I never leave this zone. It's really hot, but not unbearable. I have it really good compared to Taylor, Peter and Conner.  Jay is probably really comfy right now in Sweden. 

This week we set a couple of baptismal dates. The work is moving along really fast. We have enough work for two companionships, but I like being really busy here so I hope they keep it down to just one. One of our new converts has been inviting his friends to church and we got a new guy looking into joining the church from that. This week has been so busy. Three new investigators. We are planing two baptisms on the 20 of July. 

New mission Pres is in. Still haven't met him. He will be down to Napoli on the 12th to give everyone interviews. 

Anz. Morgan is doing good. He is really good at Italian. He understands what people are saying better than I do, but I've got more Italian vocab floating around in my head. I remember not knowing anything in my first transfer, but he was lucky and already knew Italian coming in and is just going straight to work in his first city. 

Anz. Burton and I are getting along really well. We are probably going to be lost trying to find our way around the city when he is gone. They haven't sent a new comp for him yet and they wont until the end of the transfer if he stays in Caserta. 

Just a chill p-day today chilling in Napoli. We are going to go play soccer later with an investigator. 

I'm doing well and really happy. 
Anziano Faggioli

(P.S.  Jesse told us that the Rome temple completion has been pushed out to 2015.)   And to say he loves Italy is an understatement...he told us he has been there so long he has forgotten what is here, and when he dreams of home, he dreams of Italy.